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Ironic Anxiety

So here’s a little bit of funny – which won’t actually be funny when you read this, because it means the problem is fixed – but my new blog isn’t working and it’s totally making me anxious. I’m pretty sure I set everything up right. It looks good. It feels good. Yet, the posts cannot be seen. The headline and its blurb show up on the homepage, but when clicked upon, I get nothing. Well, not exactly nothing; I’m greeted with the soul crushing, “Error 404 – Not Found.”

It’s fairly late at night, so I know I can’t get immediate help. I’ve reached out to my blogger peeps and await their responses in the morning. I feel like it’s just a little something, but it’s still creating what I perceive at this moment to be a huge problem.

I’ve got a voice on my left telling me that everything is jacked up and I totally did everything wrong when setting up my new blog.

Tangent: Here’s why doing this setting-up-of-the-blog thing is such a big deal to me. Long story short… I used to have a different kind of blog. I used to be in a toxic relationship that had a huge hand in my blogging life. Everything that was wrong with the blog, and thus our relationship, was my fault. It was All.My.Fault. I finally relieved myself of both the relationship and the previous blog.

The left voice says I should’ve paid attention when that guy was talking. The left voice says that I can’t do it. The left voice says I’m stupid and a loser.

But then there’s the voice on the right. That voice has my back. That voice says there’s probably just a little mice-print detail that I missed, and that it’s all good; All.Is.Not.Lost. “You *know* people,” it says. “People who you can trust and who want to help you because they love you.”

“You got this,” the right voice says. “You’re half way up the mountain.”

There sure as hell better be red wine and cheese at that the top of that there mountain.

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