Confessions of a GAD Girl

welcome to my anxious brain

My Arm Is Killing Me. Literally.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I’m seriously dying. My right forearm has hurt for like three weeks. When I rub where it’s sore, I feel a tingling in my elbow. My guess is that I damaged some nerves when I smacked the hell out of my elbow on the dryer door. Banging it again on a counter corner at IHOP the other day didn’t help either. So, yeah, my arm is going to go fully numb and will have to be cut off and then I’m going to get an infection and totally die.

And *that* my friends, is what is known as an irrational fear. Just a fun little side affect of my GAD.

While I am well aware, in my logical mind, that the aches and pains will fade over time, my irrational mind is freaking out! What if the tingles never go away? What if I lose all feeling in that arm?

Freaking out!!!


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