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Couchin’ It In The Hills Of Oakland

I’m on Couch #2 tonight, at my sister’s family’s house, where I am staying the night with their 17-year-old cat. Old Man Lolo is very sweet, but my lord, he’s old. He can’t go down the stairs himself, so he is trapped upstairs until he meows his grouchy man meow, and someone goes up to get him. It’s good exercise for me, I suppose, but after a zillion loads up and down the stairs at the apartment I am vacating, his desires are exhaustive.

Today I finally got everything except the furniture I’m selling out of the apartment. When I told the ex, and reminded him to keep the fish and new hamster alive, he told me that the place feels empty to him now, and that he was sad this morning. I told him that I was surprised he even noticed. Throughout this process, I have often felt that I am far more upset about it all than he is. It was nice to know that he actually felt some sadness.

After leaving the apartment I went to my storage unit and organized the shit out of it. I went through boxes and found even more awesome crap to sell. It felt so friggin’ good. I’m very pleased with how little I will be bringing with me to Ohio.

So Little Left

Then it was a quick stop back at my chosen-sister’s house to do some box shuffling and gathering of a few travel items for the weekend. My BFF’s baby shower is on Sunday, so I’ll be there tomorrow morning through early next week. She shall be Couch #3. Except it’ll be an actual bed. Yee-haw!

After departing Albany, while on the way to my sister’s, I stopped off in Fruitvale – a wonderfully culturally diverse part of Oakland – to visit one of the most intelligent and unique women I know. She was my most favorite educator while I was working towards my Sociology degree. In fact, she is a HUGE part of the reason I’m going to Mortuary School. But that’s a different story for a different time. All that you need to know now is that I’m going to refer to her as Cat Hag, and she’s absolutely totally fine with it. You also need to know that she’s a huge supporter of my quite-possibly unhealthy obsession with The Golden Girls.

Hence, the belated birthday presents I received during our visit today.

The Golden Girls – Pizza Pin

The Golden Girls – Shady Pines Hoody

After my delightful visit with Cat Hag, I continued on my way to my sister’s house. Old Man Lolo was waiting for me to release him from his second story prison. He was also quite perturbed that I was almost two hours late for his Fancy Feast feeding. Shame on me, right? Pfft. Whatever, cat! You’re old and weak, and….and….totally in charge. Damnit!

You also sleep with your tongue out. Weirdo.

Lolo The Tongue Sleeper

Well, on that note, I think it’s time for me to make my couch and lie on it.

And by the power of magic, my couch is made!

Couch #2 – Oakland, CA – 9.8.17

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