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Wine, Steak, And Great Company. A Perfect Meal.

I drove over an hour in Bay Area commute traffic the other night to meet a friend for dinner at a steakhouse (i.e. I ventured through hell for food). It was totally worth it. Between the absolutely delicious wine, the extra bread, the sop-up worthy drunken prawns, and the key lime dessert, there was Steak au poivre greatness! My sides were fairly boring – steamed broccoli and sweet potato tots – but they were prepared and cooked perfectly. My friend had an in-bone cut, flanked by the restaurant’s own super cheesy potatoes au gratin and creamed spinach.

This wine was so damn good.

Two breads instead of one.

Them prawns were so drunk.


Key Lime so fine.

We stuffed ourselves silly and had great conversation that my soul really needed. I got to take home all the leftovers, and I did not argue! The food was just as good the next day.

She also bestowed upon be a fabulous piece of jewelry. There are two more on the way, which I should be receiving tomorrow.


If you’re ever in San Carlos, CA, I highly recommend Izzy’s Steak and Chops. There is also a location in San Francisco, and one in Oakland, but I can’t vouch for them.

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