Confessions of a GAD Girl

welcome to my anxious brain

What If My Dream Actually Comes True?

First of all, you know what is some major bullshit? Buying a new PC laptop and NOT getting Microsoft Word for free. I mean, come on! What the actual hell. Gahhh. That aside… Helllooooo! Long time, no chat. How you doin’? I’m good, thanks for asking. It’s been about 3 1/2 weeks since we last […]

Pick Me Up Wednesday 3.9.16

Pick Me Up Wednesday 3.9.16 Here’s a little thing about the mid-week day we call “Wednesday”… it don’t mean a gosh-darn thing when one works with the general public. However, in my case, Wednesday is a good day. … I don’t work on Thursdays. [Shot! Shot! Shot!] As I may, or may not, have mentioned […]

Scratching The Darkness Humor Itch.

I read articles about anxiety disorders at least three times a week. Part of me still feels a need to have my GAD validated, part of me desires the hints and tips for coping, and the part of me wants to know that the all of me isn’t alone. Some of the articles are serious […]

It’s Been A Long Time.

It’s been a long time. A long time since the last time. The last time that you heard from me, Life was a hazy mystery. What the last five months has done to me, Is what no other time has mustered. Dude. I’m back. Like, I’m really, really back. Of course, that could just be […]

A Piece Of Me, From A to Z

A- Age: 37 B- Biggest Fear: Spontaneously combusting C- Current Time: 9:43 pm D- Drink you last had: Wine E- Easiest Person To Talk to: MY Jennifer F- Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody G- Ghosts, are they real: No. But spirits are. As are fairies and elves. H- Hometown: Albany, CA I- Inside or Outside: Yes […]

Pick Me Up Wednesday 9.16.15

I work in customer service, with a demographic who feels (for the most part) unwarranted entitlement. There are a handful of cool customers, though. Those ones I like. The jerks, however, can suck my big left toe. Which, if you’ve seen my feet, you know is certainly a punishment!! But I digress. Time for a […]

Pick Me Up Wednesday 9.9.15

I had such a great weekend!!! It certainly was not without hiccups, but for the most part –and the parts that are most important – it friggin’ kicked booty!! I watched as my cousin married the love of his life, I partied with super awesome humans, and I had a great couple of days with […]

Pick Me Up Wednesday 9.2.15

Wednesdays can be difficult. You’re excited that the weekend is coming again, but you’re still dragging some of Monday around. In an effort to help myself, and you, get through it, I’ve decided to post a little pick-me-up each Wednesday. The weekend is one day closer! Another Wednesday bites the dust. You can make it!!

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