Confessions of an Anxious Mortician

welcome to my anxious brain

My Mister, My Balance.

Every day I find another reason to love my Mister. Today was a rough GAD day. It really started last night with the onset of chainsaw noise at 9:00pm. It continued until 1:30am. Four and a half hours of men yelling at each other and cutting down a very tall tree damaged by the wind. A restless sleep followed. In the morning, I awoke with my Mister and got the munchkin ready for school. I then returned to bed and proceeded to have an early morning night terror. I woke up with a jolt in a pool of sweat.

The hours that followed were in no way productive, except for the ingestion of hard salami and brie cheese. When my Mister called from the road to tell me he left work early and was heading home, he knew immediately that I was in a funk.

With five words, he lifted me out of my self-punishment hole. A mere two sentences later, he redirected me towards a crafting project. I’m so much calmer now. He was just being himself and doing his thing, and it totally helped.

He is my balance; the yin to my anxious yang. He is my soulmate.


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