Confessions of an Anxious Mortician

welcome to my anxious brain

Learning To Find My Glimmers

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year has been a friggin’ decade!

For reasons I’ll discuss when I’m ready, my world took a big ol’ shit dive this past March. I’ve been struggling to find my true self since then.

Lots of ups and downs. So many downs!

But I’m still here; clinging to the mountain. Screaming at the sky with one fist in the air. Which probably is working against the whole hanging on thing, but whatever.


[ glim-er ]

See synonyms for: glimmerglimmering on


  1. a faint or unsteady light; gleam.
  2. a dim perception; inkling.

verb (used without object)

  1. to shine faintly or unsteadily; twinkle, shimmer, or flicker.
  2. to appear faintly or dimly.

I’m looking for them everyday. Trying so hard.

I’ll check back in a few days. How you doin’??

Thank you!!!

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