Confessions of an Anxious Mortician

welcome to my anxious brain

Theory vs Practice In Death Care

Here’s one of the things (of many) they don’t tell you whilst attending Mortuary School… the emotions you’re gonna feel with families is UNREAL.

There are so many long stories I could tell you right now, but I’ll keep it short ’cause I are tirrred.

Between yesterday’s Graveside for a 50-something woman who met her husband, now a broken widower, when they were 13; to today’s Mass for a 50-something man with college-aged daughters and a devastated wife, I’m spinning in a circle of other people’s grief. (Side Note: I had a mini existential crisis ’cause I’m 45.)

But also, last month we buried a lady who lived 101 years. And then there are the newborns I’ve taken into my care.

I was not properly prepared for this. Sure, the books I know how keep; the casket showroom I can light in just the right way; my arrangement area is perfectly circular and inviting – but, shit – the emotions, dude. The emotions!

Is this the part where I tell you that I’ve changed the name of this damn WordPress place? I mean, obviously the URL is the same (I’ll never not be GadGirl!)

Ladies and Gents…

I’m thrilled to introduce to you…


Thank you…!!!

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