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Pick Me Up Wednesday

Pick Me Up Wednesday. 6.28.23

“Get your life together…” …,she said. And then she ate some chocolate at 7:30pm on a Wednesday. And now she’s watching Season 7 Episode 6 of ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ “A Body To Die For,” on Peacock, with guest “star” Sally Struthers. Side Note…. Ummmm…..what is happening up there??

Pick Me Up Wednesday 6.14.23

Welcome back to Pick Me Up Wednesday! A day that actually meant something back when I knew what a weekend was. It’s been a little over seven years. That’s a lot of missed Wednesdays! Anywhooo… Here’s a little something that has recently made me smile.

Pick Me Up Wednesday 4.27.16

I seriously love giraffes. LOVE.THEM. Last June, on World Giraffe Day, I got to feed some. I hope to do it again this year. Below is one of my most favorite giraffes pictures. It makes me so super-duper happy. “This giraffe named Misha was captured kissing her newborn baby calf…”

Pick Me Up Wednesday 9.16.15

I work in customer service, with a demographic who feels (for the most part) unwarranted entitlement. There are a handful of cool customers, though. Those ones I like. The jerks, however, can suck my big left toe. Which, if you’ve seen my feet, you know is certainly a punishment!! But I digress. Time for a […]

Pick Me Up Wednesday 9.9.15

I had such a great weekend!!! It certainly was not without hiccups, but for the most part –and the parts that are most important – it friggin’ kicked booty!! I watched as my cousin married the love of his life, I partied with super awesome humans, and I had a great couple of days with […]

Pick Me Up Wednesday 9.2.15

Wednesdays can be difficult. You’re excited that the weekend is coming again, but you’re still dragging some of Monday around. In an effort to help myself, and you, get through it, I’ve decided to post a little pick-me-up each Wednesday. The weekend is one day closer! Another Wednesday bites the dust. You can make it!!